Edward Snowden, is a hero or traitor?

Edward Snowden represents not only an American intelligence contractor with CIA but he also formed the real confrontation between the freedom value of western society to the security requirements to cope with new era of terrorist peril, by other meaning how these western intelligence institutions to balance between the protecting of the people from threats and their rights in privacy without violation of human rights conventions.

There is no doubt that some intelligence institutions seek to increase their privilege upon the citizens’ right of privacy that predominant the western societies in the last decade. The Snowden’s revelation proofed that the broad of gathered information by national security service not only on the targeted individual but it was randomly and unspecified.


In Snowden’s case media converge, emerged a conflict value of freedom, how freedom should work, shall it be devoted only for western citizens, many media outlets (especially the right wing affiliated) mentioned that the American /British contraception programmes have no issue with American citizens even the intelligence committee release, noted the same clause. Therefore the value of freedom and privacy rights only are devoted to American citizens and not for global use, which triggers an ethical issue regarding idealism and pragmatic ethics that should be followed by political institutions in western democracy.